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The Charm and Future of Havana
 The Charm of Havana

The Charm of Havana
Interview to:
Carlos Leal
Cuban art promoter
By: Maggie Centurion

Why is Havana so charmed to so many people? -Havana was a very rich city in culture, arquitecture, was the nest of great intelectuals, naturalists, musicians. It was the main city of the spanish America. There is a lot of inherated knowledge, books written. Havana is a point of reference in so many ways, it was the first sugar cane , cigars, precious wood exporter of all the world in the 50´s. The charm oh Havana is based on the past, its the only living ruin in the world, and still, its a city to live intensily. Do you think that Havana will lost this charm in the way to transform her in a modern city? Yes, I think so, its so intenst the will of add new structures and its so little the social conscience of the modern generation, a generation that doesnt know the value of what we got...Its a lot easier to build new structures than to save the old ones. Malecon avenue will need private interests to be saved, its so expensive to keep in good conditions buildings right in front of the sea ... To keep the harmony of Havana´s structures it will be necessary a conscience of love to the old buildings and street that the new investors unlikely have. Do you love Havana? Very, I love Havana very much, I was born here, Havana is a powerfull city, alive. The style of the comunity is very different to other cities of the world, each neighbourhood has its own personality, and the sea, the sea of Havana is unique in the world.