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Casa Alicia CASA ALICIA. I have this great house in a quiet but centric neighbourhood in Havana City, 10 minutes drive from Havana Libre Hotel. We rent the whole house.
Loc: Vedado, Ave 47 No. 2823 Reparto Kohly - Phone: 00537 8336312

Casa Babe CASA BABE. The house this situated in the centre of Vedado, close to the Hotel Meliá Cohíba with it's Habana Café (450 m), the Café Cantante, among others.
Loc: Vedado, Calle 2 # 505 2do piso entre 21 y 23 - Phone: +53 7 830 4444,+53 58908842

Casa Superabuela CASA SUPERABUELA. Very nice apartment downtown Havana, just in the best Vedado area. Located in a classic building from the golden Cuban 20's.
Loc: Vedado, Calle I #355, Apt.2, 2do piso, e/17 y 19. - Phone: 00537 8323033

Casa Bluebuilding CASA BLUEBUILDING. Rent our private apartment Blue Building , in the centric and quiet zone of Vedado in Havana City . Our accommodation for rent is totally private.
Loc: Vedado, Calle 12 #155 apart. 21 / Calzada y Linea. - Phone: 00537 830 1722

Casa Neyda CASA NEYDA. Our house is located in the central residential area of Vedado. A privileged location close to the main hotels in Havana (Nacional, Habana Libre, etc)
Loc: Vedado, Calle F Nr. 305 apto. 3 entre calles 13 y 15 - Phone: 0053 7 833 5992

Mansión La Orquídea MANSIóN LA ORQUíDEA. The residence La Orquídea is located in a restful and well known zone of El Vedado, it is also at few minutes from down town.
Loc: Vedado, 28 Street #209 e/ 19 and 21. - Phone:

Casa Suzana CASA SUZANA. This house has 2 bedrooms available for rent, very clean an cozy, this property is located in the heart of Nuevo Vedado Residential.
Loc: Nuevo Vedado, Ave.26 # 1060 e/ 45 y 47 - Phone: 00537 8320732

Casa Raúl CASA RAúL. This is one of the best houses with a swimming pool and a splendid sea view in the area of Miramar. Very spacious rooms, with all facilities ensuite.
Loc: Miramar. - Phone:

Quinta Colonial QUINTA COLONIAL. This house has 2 bedrooms available for rent, very clean an cozy, this property is located in the heart of Vedado Residential.
Loc: - Phone: 00537 830 5450

carlos Leal CARLOS LEAL. Future Trader
Loc: - Phone:

tourist guide of Cuba LEO PADRON. I am Leo and I would like to guide you around Cuba, I am a tour guide. Over 20 years touring the whole country . Email:
Loc: 21 st, #913 e/21 and 23 st, Vedado, Havana - Phone: 833 5730

web_designer_cuba DIANA PADRON. graduated in fine art at San Alejandro School of Art, web designer.
Loc: - Phone:

book_seller_havana_cuba SILVIA CRESPO. Book seller at Fin de Siglo store in Galiano Street, antic books and fine art,antic watches.
Loc: - Phone: 99 0410, 831 5099

havana_book_seller ADELA MARIA DE LA TORRE. Book seller at home, very good prices, antic books and a large colelction of books for childrens
Loc: - Phone: 833 5730

JOEL. very creative coffetender, very nice atmosphere, old fashion
Loc: 3ra Street and 28, Miramar - Phone:

El Floridita Restaurant EL FLORIDITA. The famous restaurant where Hemingway use to have his "Daiquirí" and created the "Papa Special".
Loc: Calle Obispo No. 557, esquina a Monserrate. - Phone:

La Bodeguita del Medio BODEGUITA DEL MEDIO. A tiny restaurant on a side street near the Cathedral. It is famous for its menu and history.
Loc: Calle Empedrado No. 206. Ciudad de La Habana - Phone: (537) 867-1374

Restaurant El Patio EL PATIO. An old 18th -century mansion at the Cathedral Square, in the Center of the colonial area of Havana.
Loc: Calle San Ignacio No. 54, Plaza de la Catedral. - Phone: (537) 867-1034

Café Taberna CAFé TABERNA "BENNY". First coffee-shop funded by Spaniard in 1772.International Cuisine.
Loc: Calle Mercaderes esq. a Teniente Rey. - Phone: (537) 861-1637

La Terraza de Inglaterra LA TERRAZA DE INGLATERRA. Bar-grill with folk performances on Mondays and Thursdays at 21:30.Open:24 Hrs.
Loc: Hotel Inglaterra. - Phone: (537) 860-8594

La Cecilia LA CECILIA. Interesting restaurant specialized in typical Cuban and international cuisine.
Loc: 5ta. Ave. e/ 110 y 112, Miramar. - Phone:

Jazz Café JAZZ CAFé. Special place for Jazz lovers, with a fascinating view of the Havana seawall from above.
Loc: 1ra y Paseo, Vedado. - Phone:

El Cortijo EL CORTIJO. A variety show with Cuban, Spanish and world music.Spanish cuisine.
Loc: Hotel Vedado. - Phone:

El Polinesio EL POLINESIO.
Loc: Hotel Habana Libre Tryp. - Phone: (537) 33-4011

taxista_israel_habanataxi ISRAEL. habanataxis line , number of the car:641
Loc: - Phone: cell:05-2926733,home:6433540

International Festival Jazz Plaza 2009

February 08 - 17, 2009

XVIII Feria Internacional del Libro
Feb 22 - 00, 0000

11th Annual Cuban Cigar Festival
February 23 - 27, 2009

VIII Muestra Nacional de Nuevos Realizadores

Feb 24 - Mar 01, 2009


Eusebio Leal, Havana's Historian EUSEBIO LEAL, HAVANA'S HISTORIAN
1. What supports, in your opinion, Havana's charm?------------------------------------- La Habana is a peculiar city and there are many reasons why she is charming. The most important among them all it is the diversity of styles and urban proposals so well combined that a masterlesson on architecture and urbanism may be developed on a tour through various Kms along the coastline and walking by old roadways.--- Being a coastal town is another fund    Read More...